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Sweatshop Fitness is bringing you online training to meet all your fitness goals. We provide programs that bridge the gap between exercise, meal prep and total body wellness.

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The Sweat Shop Method

Our team has found a better way to burn fat and inches in a short amount of time. It's a combination of working out in short bursts, paired with high intensity and a manipulation of your eating habits. This is a way of life – NOT A DIET.

Meal Plans

Enjoy meal plans created specifically to help make your healthy lifestyle second nature. No more guessing if what you're putting into your body, our program ensures you give your body the best fuel, every time.

Guided Exercise Routine

Working out can be tough, and choosing a program that will make your fitness goals a reality is even harder. We've crafted a program that will help you transform your body no matter what specific goals you have in mind.

Community & Accountability

Unlike many other programs and self-guided workouts, you'll never be by yourself. You're joining dozens of people who are giving their body what it needs to thrive. From live streams to trainer texts to group workout sessions, you'll never be alone.

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About Us

10 Years in fitness serving clients

Recco's approach to fitness is distinct from most trainers. He has a background in rehab therapy, strength & conditioning, knowledge in nutrition, as well as understanding body types. With the various types of education, Recco is able to get your body in shape safely without injury. 

He studied Kinesiology at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He goes to the furthermost degree of learning the body, which enables him to provide high rates of success. He's also done things like becoming overweight to learn the emotions of losing weight, as well as studied massage for one year to understand muscle tissue better. 

He's also been a model and trained with professional athletes. In other words, he lives a healthy lifestyle to gain as much experience so that he can give you the best results.  

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Over 3,000 satisfied clients and counting

Tania O
"Recco came into my fitness journey when I needed him the most. I'm thankful for the support and keeping me accountable to reach my goals!"
Christina L
"I was shocked to see the results from Recco's 21 Day Transformation Program. I was amazed at what I could he. He helped find what works for me!"
Heather V
"I was able to tone my core and my legs in ways I couldn't before. Recco really knows what works to help people lose weight!"

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